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Sabtu, 17 Februari 2018

the benefits of breast sucking for women's health

Instead of sucking on a cigarette is better than BREAST BREAST

1. Breast of a woman who is sucked, the balance of her cardiovascular system can be maintained ... When a man sucking a woman's breasts in a long time, then the heart rate of women can be increased to 110 beats / minute. This may be a good exercise for heart health.

2. Suction Breast of women also can make women's weight more stable, even reduced. This is due, Breast woman sucked for 3 minutes fat burning about 12 calories.

3. Want a firmer face? Then do not hesitate to more often sucked her breasts. With the sucked Breast, then more than 30 female facial muscles move, so it is useful to improve blood flow in the skin, and smooth the skin.

4. During this woman's breast suction is considered as a less polite / taboo. But in fact suction Breast women can make women more ageless, is a natural medicine that stimulates the immune system, the result is the production of antibodies that can protect from viruses. This process is called cross-immunotherapy.

5. At the time of woman's breast sucked, usually the breath of woman so much faster ..Rata2 moment suction Breast, woman will inhale and exhale 60 times dlm one minute. Whereas in normal circumstances only 20 times every one minute. Inhaling and exhaling more often will prevent any disturbances being changed.

6. Breast of women who sucked more than 5 minutes will make a woman's body more relaxed, can produce chemical chains that will destroy the various stress-causing hormones.

7. Breast sucking habits in the morning when waking up for 3 minutes and performed regularly every morning will help prevent the onset of breast cancer.

---- Dr.Boyke Dian Nugraha SpOG ----

Well, what are you waiting for? easy and useful.

Come on men do not need to hesitate for good, than cigarette suction is expensive. Good luck....

Not yet halal do not try ya 😂😂😁😁

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