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Kamis, 01 Februari 2018

Paradise in east Indonesia

many people want to traveled to the King ampat in West Papua, but feel obstructed by budget large enough. mencoba calculate the expenditure for traveled Ala backpacker to 'Paradise in East Indonesia' this.  recently follow the festival lovely Raja ampat held at 18-21 October 2016. collected following the calculation of budget for travel Raja ampat Ala backpacker.

1. transportation to the raja ampat scenario is left Jakarta to slide, West Papua. There are several Airlines serving these include Garuda Indonesia, Nam water, sriwijaya water, batik water, and Xpress water. Price low to sorong volatile, with a range of USD 1,5 million - USD 3 million all the way. Of count lowest, then the cost of aircraft go-go home need budget USD 3 million. Got sorong tourists have crossed to the King ampat. Choice using a ship or aircraft Susi water. To Press the cost, ship is the right choice. Ship quickly with time sailing two hours sorong to waisai (capital district raja ampat) appreciated USD 130.000.

 2. rates must login raja ampat to traveled in raja ampat tourists charged maintenance services environment (tlpl), which is set USD 500.000 per person for domestic tourists and USD 1 million per person for foreign tourists. Check this can be paid in Port or district office raja ampat. 

 3. accommodation in raja ampat there are many options types of accommodation like hotels, resorts, and homestay. For backpacker, homestay so the right choice for the price per night most low. Price range homestay raja ampat starts from $ 250.000. Per night. Suggestions kompastravel, choose homestayyang close with sites or site diving who want to visit. This will affect the cost of transportation. To find homestay raja ampat, you can open the official website of the Association of enterprise homestay district raja ampat in http://www.stayrajaampat.id/

 4. transport in raja ampat can so, this is spending your greatest for the raja ampat. Please note, the raja ampat is area Islands, with a total of 1.864 the Island. If you want to traveled natural raja ampat, you need a boat Island hopping. The high cost of fuel prices in the King of ampa very affect the rental prices boat. For example for towards wayag of waisai, required budget USD 13 million regulation. Towards pianemo of waisai required budget USD 8 million regulation. Bay mayablibit of waisai needed budget USD 6 million regulation. One Motor boat can usually be filled 10-12 people. Therefore, to Press budget transport in King ampat, go for a group. Ability bargain costs boat is also very necessary.

  5. consumption budget eat at raja ampat actually not great. Generally, lodging in raja ampat like homestay even provide eat three times a day. This includes the room rates. Unfortunately beyond that, food vendors little difficult unless you traveled in the area waisai, capital district raja ampat. Food price starts from $ 20.000 per share. Before meals, it's good question first to the seller how much food. Also be sure to take stock of food before Island hoppingatau diving because of the trip will far enough. From the above information, let's counting budget to the raja ampat Ala backpacker. Tour guide local raja ampat suggests, length of the most appropriate exploring the raja ampat is four days three nights. Following description bujetnya:
1. air tickets Jakarta-sorong regulation USD 3 million
 2. ticket ship capat sorong-waisai regulation USD 260.000
 3. tlpl USD 500.000
4. accommodation three nights USD 750.000 5. transport in King ampat (wayag) rp1.3 million
6. consumption outside homestay USD 100.000 total USD 5.910.000 you need about USD 6 million holiday Jakarta to the King ampat for four days three nights with catatatan tourist routes you just to the area wayag and surrounding areas. Budget is not include the rental equipment diving if you want to diving.

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