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Sabtu, 17 Februari 2018

how to add youtube impressions quickly

How to increase the number of youtube viewers without a link

Okay gan and sist, now I will try to give some tips for those of you who are still struggling and berjibaku in the realm of youtube.

Just like me when I know youtube and moneteize youtube with adsense.

It must be confused why the number of your video shows so much. Though you already feel the video interesting and definitely looking for people. But no one is watching.

Well my friends fight, I will give you insyallah tips you can do to achieve success in the world of youtube.

How to increase the number of youtube viewers without a link

1. Choose an interesting Thumbail

Thumbail is a wallpaper for each of your videos. Make sure the custom thumbail on your channel is activated.

If you do not know how to enable custom thumbail can see here:

2. Video quality should be good

Maybe here is still ambiguous in the interpretation of the word quality.

Quality here is not for content, but more to the size of pixels.

must be at least 560pixel or 720pixel. Because if the bottom it will be overtaking similar videos that pixelnya better quality.

3. Video duration Must be long

If you notice when uploading a video, surely you've seen posts increase video for longer videos. Yes that's a recommendation from youtube to upload longer videos.

The average standard video for the tutorial is 5menitan, and for at least 15menitan sports. It depends on you anyway, I think it's standard size.

4. Claim your uploaded video

Logically, youtube will be more happy if the video of its partner already claims about the video, so youtube will not be worried if the invalid by the other party.

How to claim your uploaded video, you can set in advanced settings when uploading.

Choose one, if I usually choose never aired on american television.

Okay maybe that's tips and tricks from me, good luck ...

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